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Web-site “Jews in Moldova” is created as a part of the project "Learning of Jewish History and Culture for Development of Inter-ethnic Tolerance" was funded by a grant from the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest. We believe that the Moldovan citizens (Jews and non-Jews) should know Jews history. The project is aimed at acquainting the non-Jewish youth of Moldova with the information regarding the Jews history (to increase the respect for the representatives of the Jewish ethnos and developing tolerance).

The Web-site was created by the Judaica Institute. The Judaica Institute is a public non-profit organization from Moldova. The Institute was founded for the sake of protecting and promoting social, cultural, and other rights of the Jewish population and other ethnic minorities in Moldova. The Institute's objectives are improving the national self-identification among the Jews in Moldova, enhancing respect to the history of the nation among the Jewish youth in Moldova, organizing and making researches focused upon Jewish history, traditions, rights, and culture in Moldova, and presenting the results of such researches to the Jewish community in Moldova, etc.

The Judaica Institute have published our materials on protecting the national minority rights, the rights of the Jewish population of Moldova, and the necessity of developing tolerance in the Annals of Judaica Institute (number 1-6) and the collection of reports presented during the international conference titled Issues of History and Rights of Jews in Moldova and national conference titled History, Ethnology, Philology and Rights of Jews in Moldova.

The Judaica Institute cooperates with many Moldavian and foreign organizations.

The Judaica Institute project’s was supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands (2 grants), UK World Jewish Relief  (4 grants), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, etc.

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